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"Dave is not your typical pro surfer. Constantly marching to the beat of his own drum, Dave does nothing better than simply being himself......."  TRANSWORLD Business / Grind TV


Born in Southern California, Dave was immersed in the surf industry and rose to the professional ranks. When you meet Dave, it doesn't take long to realize that he is much more than a former professional surfer. One conversation with him will allow you to see that he has an inspiring excitement for life that is contagious. Combine that with his ability to help and encourage those around him, and you will start to understand why some of the world's top athletes and CEOs look to him for guidance.


In 2001, Dave met his wife Catherine, and they were married a year later. Dave will tell anyone that getting married is the greatest thing he has ever done. "When I realized I had a wife who was my best friend and teammate in everything I did, from surfing to business, I knew how much we could achieve. A good teammate supports and pushes you, which is what Catherine Does. I would say I ended up in all the surf magazines because of a pep talk from her."


Aside from surfing, the Yearwoods loved fashion, and from surf shops in San Diego to the runways of New York Fashion Week, the Yearwoods have seen and done everything in the Clothing industry. In 2004, they opened and operated Hallelu, a successful boutique consistently featured in INSTYLE, Lucky, GLAMOUR Magazine, and Good Morning America. At the end of 2019, the Yearwoods decided to sell their boutique and use their knowledge to help boutique owners grow and scale their businesses. Their guidance has helped launch boutiques nationwide and allowed others to reach new levels of success.


Dave has always been able to look into individuals' lives and help them change the narrative. Watching people find true success brings him joy, and It doesn't matter if it is one of his NBA champions, golfers who competed in the Masters, a boutique owner, CEO, or his next-door neighbor.

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